Thanks for stopping by my site! Here you will find information on my novels and current singing endeavors.

I am also the creator of  Humming Guts Fitness, an exercise program that targets internal bodily functions, such as digestion, breathing, swallowing, speaking, and singing.


I’ve been singing in church since I was five and have composed dozens of songs. This is my latest video, with my dad accompanying me. He and I have played together in jazz, rock, and worship bands over the years. I identify most as folk artist, but I love and sing in all genres.

My favorite online resources for vocal training:

~Eric Arceneaux
~Singwise Vocals
~Dr. Dan
~Singing Success
Dr. Mike Mew
Power to Sing
Rejoice in Your Voice
~Rachel’s English
~Tom Burke
~Freya Casey
~Felicia Ricci
~Andrew Byrne