I went to Get Connected at the Foundry Puritan Mill last night. Get Connected is a monthly mixer (last Thursday of each month) at which film folks in the Atlanta area get together to network, promote their businesses, and sit in on informational panels.

Last night, I talked to Brent Brooks of Blank Stage Productions in Marietta. Blank Stage hosts screenplay readings twice a month, and a screenwriter can submit a script for a table reading after attending three meetings and demonstrating that he/she is committed to the group. These table readings sound similar to what Atlanta Screenwriter’s Group (ASG) offers. ASG conducts table readings in downtown Atlanta twice a month (every other Thursday). Screenwriters must attend two consecutive meetings before requesting that his/her script gets read.

At Get Connected, I also attended a panel on funding for independent film projects. According to the speakers, “the sky is falling” for independent film makers. If you don’t want t fall along with it, the panelists recommended that instead of taking out loans from a single lender for project, seek funding from people in your social networks. Sites like 40 Billion and KickStarter help you to streamline this process.

This “social funding” methodology may become even more streamline in January when Business Acts that favor small businesses are due to pass. Social Funding is expected to become the accepted means of funding for filmmakers, entrepreneurs, musicians, small, business owners, et. al. There was some talk about yielding returns to social investors, a topic that will probably get more attention as social funding becomes more prevalent.