Last week I did something that I think any writer, artist, or self-employed person should do–I made a business card. It took me all of ten minutes to create it on my home computer, cost $25.00 with tax (for 200), and was ready for pick-up in four hours. I used Stapeles Copy and Print services to make the card online, and I was able to pick it up at my local Staples right before I headed out to a networking event.

A business card has many uses. It reminds people who you are, broadcasts your contact information so you can save the precious minute that it takes to exchange emails/phone numbers, and it shows others in your field that you are serious about your business.

There are many services out there that help you to create business cards, and if you can spare the ink, you can even print some off at home. Whatever route you go, here are some suggestions that might help you with the creation of your own card:

1)Keep it Clean – Don’t clutter up the cared with too many visuals.

2)Keep it simple – Include ONE email address and ONE phone number.

3) Use active contact information – Make sure the email address is for an account that you check frequently and make sure that the phone number is one that reaches you–not your voicemail. (You may not want to not publish your personal phone number if you do not want to conduct busienss through it.)

4)Include a head shot of yourself and/or an image or icon that communicates what your business is about. If you are an actress, by all means, get a professional head shot and use that. If you sell homemade bath products, use your logo and/or an image that communicates the nature of your business.

5) Include the following information:
-Job Title – If you don’t have one, create one. Own it, gosh darn it!
-Phone Number
-Fax Number ( very optional, even if you have one. Again, keep it clean.)
-Email Address
-Website (if you have one)
-Mailing address or City and state in which you conduct your business. A major city is best, even if you do not live directly inside of it. For example, if you live in Decatur, GA, which is close to a major city (Atlanta, GA), put Atlanta, GA as your city/state because that is most likely where you will be conducting your business.