In addition to working on my second novel and preparing our home for our new kitten (getting him tonight), I’ve been posting some invention ideas on Before doing so, I read up on whether or not Quirky is a good move, and I’ve concluded that for me, and probably for many inventor hobbyists, it is.

In a nutshell, Quirky is a website upon which inventors and thinkers can post their product ideas. The other users comment and vote on these ideas. The most popular ideas get placed under consideration, and then Quirky developers choose which ones they will make. The inventors make royalties if/when the invention sells.

Sounds great, right? It is, but probably only for lay-inventors like myself. Serious inventors and entrepreneurs have the potential to make more money and to retain more control over their inventions by developing them on their own. Why? Developing an idea through Quirky translates to a huge pay cut (roughly 66% of the product’s earnings) and the relinquishing of one’s control over that idea for future use.

For me, inventing is a hobby, and making 33% on royalties is still something. Right now, my ideas are just scribbles in a notebook, which is where they’d most likely stay if I’d never heard about Quirky. Thirty-three percent of something is better than 33% of nothing.

If you are contemplating posting your ideas on Quirky, I urge you to decide for yourself whether or not it’s for you. Here’s a helpful website to aid with your research. Quirky’s FAQ page is also a good resource to visit. Make sure you’re comfortable with handing over your intellectual property to Quirky before posting anything. If you do decide to get Quirky, then best of luck, and I hope to see your products under development.


View my Quirky ideas here: