kindle-paperwhiteIf you’re exchanging your manuscript with other readers, and they’d prefer to read off of a Kindle, or if you simply would like to send  a document from your computer to a Kindle, here’s how to do it. It’s a simple process, and it can really enhance the reading experience. This process is for Kindles only. I’m not sure how it works for other e-readers.

1) Ask your reader to add your email address to her “Approved Personal Document List.” To do this, the reader would log into her Amazon Kindle account and go to “Personal Documents.” From there, she can add your email address to the “Approved Personal Document List,” which is located in “Personal Document Settings.” Be sure to let your reader know which email address you’ll be sending your document from.

2) Have your reader send you her “send to Kindle email address.” This can be found under her Kindle settings and should end in

4) Convert your file to an epub. You can do this for free on with dowloadable software, such as Calibre. HTML files also look good on e-readers, and you should be able to save your file in html format through Word.

4) Confirm with the reader that she has followed the above steps and is ready to receive your document.

5) If the reader is ready, then send your file to her Kindle email address. The title of your file should appear momentarily on her Kindle home page. The reader should then be able to click on the title and read your manuscript. You may want to confirm with her that this is the case.

That’s it. Finito.

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