A Poem?

I. Denial

I shouldn’t have let you read my book.
It’s not your genre.

You must have skimmed the good parts.

Were you reading with your eyes squinted?

II. Anger

You’re a bad reader,
or maybe you’re just stupid.

No, I think you’re jealous.

III. Bargaining

What’s wrong with present tense?

Okay, maybe I’ll experiment with the tense.

Plenty of movies begin
with a person waking up from a dream.

Yeah, I guess that’s cliche.

How about I start with my main character getting dressed
in front of a mirror?

I see what you’re saying about character consistency,
but that’s a huge edit.

My structure needs a little work,
my voice too.

I should read that ELEMENTS OF STYLE book
you told me about three years ago.

IV. Depression

My book sucks!

I’m so stupid.

No one is ever going to read my book.

Agents hate me.

I’ll never get into #PitchWars.

I’ll never get published.

I’m never doing NaNo again.

V. Acceptance

Thanks for the feedback.

I know I look annoyed,
but I really appreciate your comments.

You didn’t have to read all 280,000 words
of my novel.

You’re actually a pretty
perceptive reader.

My book will be better because of you.

Will you read it again
after I revise?

You’re such a good friend.

Let’s be critique partners.

I might self-publish someday.

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