I’m a Jersey belle, currently living in the South with my husband and our two children. When not momming, I write, sing, garden, sweat to Pilates, and sip tea. I am passionate about studying the Bible, growing food, and homesteading on my suburban lot. I call myself The Sudden Homesteader because one day, I was a happy shopper, and the next, I was growing anything I could so I would never again have to buy produce while standing under fluorescent lights.

I also believe humans should exercise their insides, which is why I created  Humming Guts Fitness, a website that compiles instructional videos on how to improve the internal bodily functions of digestion, breathing, swallowing, speaking, and singing.

My Not So Hidden Talent

I’ve been singing at church since I was five and have been composing songs since I was fourteen. My greatest and only contribution to YouTube is this video, in which my dad accompanies me on guitar. He and I have played together in jazz, rock, and worship bands. These days, I sing on the worship team at church. There is no greater privilege and joy than to sing in praise of Christ the King.

Click here for my favorite online resources for vocal training.

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