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Donation link to come.

Donations are never expected but always appreciated. You can donate monthly, give a one-time gift, or buy the book, THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER: HOW GOD DELIVERED ME FROM A LIFE OF CONSUMING.

Donations help us with the following:

-Maintaining the free you-pick garden in our front yard
-Supplying free seeds and cuttings to our community
-Giving free tours of our yard
-Proving labor and supplies for our homestead
-Producing video tours of our yard
-Creating and maintaining website content

Donation Amounts

Any amount helps, even if it’s a few dollars. Here is an idea of what some of our costs look like:
5.00 = A packet of seeds
10.00 = A potted plant
25.00 = A fruit tree
100.00 = About 7 hours of labor