About Our Homestead

Our family lives on 1/3-acre in the suburbs of Atlanta, zone 7a, which is a temperate climate. Much of our property is shaded, so we have to get creative with our gardening. We have four main gardens and several smaller beds with edibles. Our main gardens include the following:
-A 1000-square foot food forest on the sunny side of our house. The food forest contains a variety of fruit trees, flowers, herbs, and a strawberry patch. We also grow seasonal annuals in this area. Established in fall 2019.
-A shaded berry trail with patches of wintergreen, salmonberries, and thimbleberries.  Along the trail, you will also find a mulberry tree, a goumi shrub, and a huckleberry shrub. We might install PawPaws in the future. Trail established in winter, 2020. Plants arriving in spring.
-A front-yard blackberry patch. Established in fall 2019.
-A front-yard neighborhood garden. This is a free you-pick garden for anyone who walks by. We will be adding fruit trees and to the neighborhood garden in spring 2020. We will also grow seasonal annuals, such as peppers and tomatoes in the summer. Established in fall 2019.

Our Dreams

Here are some additions and projects we’re hoping to undertake in the future:
-Catching rainwater to irrigate our garden or feed a pond
-Creating a pond
-Keeping bees
-Raising ducks, quail, or chickens and building safe habitats for them
-Building a small shelter where visitors can stay overnight
-Converting the wilder parts of our yard into edible landscapes
-Paying interns to come and homestead with us
-Creating a fruit dehydration system
-Running workshops and classes
-Making YouTube videos about other homesteads and food forests across the states
-Building arbors, trellises, and fences for our gardens
-Installing free gardens and food forests for neighborhoods and communities in need
-Purchasing equipment for alternative energy sources
-Finally, if we are ever so blessed, we would love to buy more land for the purposes of feeding and educating more people for free.