Year of the Prophet Wattpad - Final 3

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Word Count: 130K
Progress: Complete


In the empire of Vzussi, children are sacrificed. Women are defiled. The poor live short, desperate lives. The God of Old has heard the cries of the people, and he sends warning to his prophets: The empire must amend its ways, or winged-lions will devour the land. Angered by this message of doom, Emperor Xegh has the prophets killed and forbids all talk of judgement.

When his sons are forced into a life of slave labor, Obid Siwar, one of the last living prophets, must travel to the capital city and beg the emperor for their freedom. The journey is perilous, and no prophet has survived an appeal to Xegh.

As he journeys, Obid is plagued by dreams of winged-lions and the doom they will bring. What begins as a quest to save his sons ends in a race to save the empire. Obid will lose far more than his family unless he prevails against the emperor and bears his prophecy to the people.



Genre: Fantasy

Setting: Vzussi, 200 years after Obid’s reign. The empire has expanded greatly. Its people are free, and a republic has replaced the monarchy.

Projected Word Count: 100-120K

Progress: Drafting


When his beloved Lyone falls ill, one of the empires last timebrokers, Kenji Adac, goes on a time-stealing rampage. He is captured before he can give Lyone the time she needs. She will die a certain and sudden death in three years.

Desperate to find Kenji and save her own life, Lyone travels from city to city, making her way to the capitol. It is the eve of the Jade Games, an arts and athletics competition whose winners receive the highest honor of becoming entertainers for the House of the Republic.

Kenji is at the games, and a team of rebel players are using his power as the source of their strength. Once the rebels drain Kenji and inhabit the House, they will overrun the Republic and re-establish the empire’s monarchy. Lyone must find Kenji, and they must overcome the rebels before they both die and the empire is overtaken.


BEHIND THE SHEEN (working title)

Genre: YA – Contemporary/Fantasy


Word Count: 70K

Progress: Final Revisions


Jordan hasn’t been conceived yet. He lives in that space where all pre-conceived souls dwell, behind the sheen. From there, he watches his family, and can only hope that life will get better for his future mother, Caroline Quinn.

Caroline wants desperately to go to college, but her father and sister have been holding her back since her mother died several years ago. Just when Caroline gets the chance to go away to school, her sister, Izzy, gets pregnant. Caroline wants to support Izzy, but that will mean giving up on college and staying at home.

Little does Caroline know, Jordan has a plan. He will move every soul behind the sheen to help his future mother and pave the way for his own chance at life.



Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller

Comparables: Passage meets The Godfather

Word Count: 75K

Progress: Complete


When his best friend and fellow grief counselor is murdered, Dr. Santos Virgil inherits a moment-of-death recording device, known as the Egg. Santos has ethical issues with the device, resenting that it only records a person’s memories upon death, as the brain is shutting down. He decides to retire the Egg from research.

But he can’t keep it out of commission for long. Len Mino, New York City’s most notorious crime lord, has learned that moment-of-death footage contains a person’s deepest secrets. Len wants to use the Egg on his father, who’s been keeping the family fortune under wraps. He kidnaps the woman Santos loves, Emma, and proposes an exchange—her life for the Egg.

Knowing Len will abuse the Egg’s powers, Santos attempts to rescue Emma. If he fails, she will die, and the Egg will fall into Len’s possession. The cold-blooded kingpin will have access to anyone’s secrets—all he has to do is kill them.

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 Middle Grade Sci-fi/Urban Fantasy

Word Count:  62,000

In the vein of
 Artemis’ Fowl and the Charlie Bone series


When a chemical plant explodes near a low-income apartment complex in Atlanta, the survivors literally become invisible. While most of the invisibles get involved in organized crime, Latino sixth-grader, Gloria Rey, decides to use her invisibility for good.

Gloria’s intentions are tested when two older boys at school try to steal her best friend’s lunch money. Gloria takes down one of the boys in front of her classmates, but because she’s invisible, the blame falls on her best friend, Jazzy, who is not invisible.

Later that day, the boys send Jazzy a threatening note, and through a series of bad decisions on Gloria’s part, the note ends up in the principal’s office. The boys, already in deep, plot to keep Jazzy from talking by attacking her with a stolen dog tranquilizer. While fighting to protect her best friend, Gloria discovers that her invisible brothers are helping the boys in their malicious efforts.

To complicate matters, Gloria is on the run, as the city is rounding up all invisible persons for military experimentation. Gloria anonymously enlists the help of the boy whose treehouse she’s been living in. She and her friends will have to get creative if they’re going to save Jazzy and keep the invisibles from being hunted.

Project Details: HUNT FOR THE INVISIBLES is polished and complete. It is the first book of a trilogy, but it works as a stand-alone. Books 2 and 3 are drafted and are about 70,000 words each.



Word Count: 78,000 (approximately)

Genre: Commercial Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Intended Audience: Women in their terrible twenties who enjoy books like BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

Premise: A virgin Protestant tries to find love at a Catholic University and fails miserably…a few times. On the eve of her 30th birthday, she moves to Atlanta where she hopes to find a Southern boy to cure her insatiable loneliness.

Progress: Completed



I have written several other novels, many of which I consider practice. They are important to me because they have provided just that–practice.