Our family has planted a FREE you-pick garden at the front of our property. This garden is open to anyone who passes by our home.

Garden Status
Updated June 29, 2020
Herbs are ready for picking. More to come.

What’s Growing?
The Front Edge of the Garden:
-Wildflowers (cilantro, fennel, nasturtium, etc.)
-Wooly Lambs Ear – The fuzzy leaves can be used as toilet paper.

The Cross-Shaped Bed
-Asparagus – Not ready until 2021
-Blackberries – Not ready until 2021
-Ashwaghanda – Make a balancing tea with the leaves.
-Corn, beans, amaranth (a “three-sisters” planting)
-Herbs (various basils, thyme, French and Russian Tarragon)
-Peach Tree
-Strawberry (under the peach tree, not ready until 2021)

East Side
-A second Peach Tree
-Two PawPaw Trees
-French Lavender

-Various flowers to attract pollinators (Lavender, Borage, etc.)

Picking Guidelines
-Feel free to harvest food and seeds.
-Please do not uproot any of the plants.
-Please be mindful of the quantities you pick. Others will be sharing in the harvest. If you can carry it home in your hands, then that’s probably a good amount for the day.
-If something goes unharvested for too long, our family will pick it.
-Please respect our property and do not pick from or trespass upon any other areas of our yard.
-If you would like to tour our main garden, please see our tour page for details. Please do not show up unannounced for a tour, and please do not try to tour the garden without our accompaniment.

Gardening Method
The Free Garden is a “sheet mulch” or “lasagna” garden, meaning we created it by layering cardboard, yard waste, and compost. At the end of each growing season, we cut down the remaining plants and bury them under another later of compost and yard debris. The plants and debris break down naturally over time. The result is rich planting soil for the next season.

We add compost, organic gardening soil, and mulch to the plants as needed, and we fertilize using an all-natural, homemade compost tea. For pest control, we used neem oil, homemade lactobacillus (good bacteria), and diluted essential oils. We never use synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.

We also control pest by interplanting our crops and growing a variety.

Thank You for Contributions!
The fruit trees and some of the materials used to make this garden were gifted by our Wellington neighbors. Thank you, from our family to yours!

Want to Give to the Garden?
Donations are not expected, but always appreciated. Please see our donate page if you would like to support The Free Garden or our other homesteading endeavors.