We have planted a FREE you-pick garden at the front of our property. This garden is available for anyone who walks by. We will be adding fruit trees and perennial herbs in spring 2020. We will also be growing seasonal annuals, such as peppers and tomatoes in the summer.

This garden was established in fall 2019. We made it using yard debris and garbage from the neighborhood. Thank you, neighbors, for lettings us pick from your curbs. The plants are from our own collection.

What’s Ripe
Check back here on updates about what to pick and what not to pick (yet). Right now, we are prepping the area for spring planting. Some items should be ready to harvest by June.

Picking Guidelines
-Feel free to harvest food and seeds.
-Please do not take cuttings. If you would like a cutting, then email Alicia Tubbs at alicia.g.tubbs@gmail.com.
-Please do not uproot any of the plants.
-Please be mindful of the quantities you pick. Others will be sharing in the harvest.
-Please respect our property and do not pick from or trespass upon any other areas of our yard.

Donations are not expected but always appreciated.