I am currently working on a book, THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER: HOW GOD DELIVERED ME FROM A LIFE OF CONSUMING. The book chronicles how God transformed me from an earth consumer into an earth keeper. I will be reading this book for FREE on YouTube so anyone can watch it. YouTube link to come.

Why Would I Give Away My Book for Free?
The short answer, because I love you. Other reasons:
-I don’t want to create material waste through paper publishing.
-I have benefited from free materials on YouTube, and I want to give too.
-I don’t want my book sitting unopened on a bookshelf in a bookstore.
-I want everyone to have access to the book, not just those who can afford it or are in the habit of buying books.
-Video recordings of the book means you can have your hands free while listening.

Fund this Book
If you benefit from the recordings of this book and would like to make a donation of appreciation, then please see the donate page. Your support helps us to produce more web content and keep our homestead running. Donations are never expected and always appreciated.