I am currently working on a book, THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER: HOW GOD DELIVERED ME FROM A LIFE OF CONSUMING. The book chronicles how God transformed me from an earth consumer into an earth keeper. Purchasing the book is another great way to support our homestead outreach. I will include information about how you can buy the book when it’s ready for the market.

Why is the book called THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER?

One day I was happily picking out lettuce at the grocery store, and the next, I was gardening so I would never have to buy produce while standing under fluorescent lights again. Overnight, I went from buying most of my goods to growing and making them. I started canning, saving seeds, and composting kitchen scraps. I had suddenly become a homesteader. THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER is not a practical guide to homesteading. Rather, it is the story of how God freed me from a life of mindless consuming and transformed me into a keeper of the land. It is my hope that this book challenges us all to think differently about how we shop, produce food, care for the earth, and care for each other.

So You Started Homesteading Overnight?

Oddly enough, one of the alternate titles I considered for this book was Slow Homesteading. God’s work in guiding me toward homesteading was both gradual and sudden. All my life, he put people in my path who loved his creation and taught me to do the same. He gave me teachers, friends, and experiences that would later help me to care for the soil, plants, animals, and people. One day, all of these influences came together. The Spirit struck me, wrestled with me, overcame me. I had to homestead. There was no other way, and I couldn’t have been more excited to begin.

Although I had suddenly become a homesteader in spirit, my journey in the flesh would be a slow one. I would spend hours on YouTube, researching every homesteading topic you could imagine. I would lose dozens of plants to trial and error, and I would compost pounds of vegetables I’d failed to properly can.

Not only that, but my house is still very much an on-grid modern American home. Each day, my family is working toward converting our home into a homestead. We’re hoping to catch rainwater, create a pond, raise ducks, make a garden patch, and expand the gardens. All of this work must be squeezed in between my husband’s full-time job and my time with our children. Needless to say, our homestead is slowly in the making.

What You Won’t Find in this Book

THE SUDDEN HOMESTEADER does not contain recipes, gardening techniques, and tips on raising backyard chickens. You will find information like that in my videos and the articles on this website. Also, there are many free articles and YouTube videos on the web already that give great practical advice for homesteading activities.

How the Book is Structured

The first half of this book chronicles how God delivered me from a life of consuming. It’s basically my breakup with shopping story. Like all breakups, mine is complicated, with lots of ups and downs. God was faithful to me through it all, supplying me with ways to conquer unhealthy habits and slay idols. I still shop, but the way I shop, and even think about shopping, is so different.  It’s probably more accurate to say I broke up with mindless shopping, and now I’m in a relationship with compassionate shopping. More on the topic of compassionate shopping to come.

As I have learned time and again, God never removes our taste for idols without increasing our appetite for him. The second half of this book is about how God removed consumerism from me so he could overwhelm me with his goodness. He quieted my life and my heart and brought me to a place where I could hear from him, where I learned of his ways. In this quiet place of the heart, I gardened alongside the Father, as did Adam and Eve in Eden. God took the burdensome yoke of shopping from me and replaced it with the life-giving work of homesteading.

I am still a far cry from an idyllic prairie woman, but it is my hope that my journey thus far will inspire us all to think differently about how we consume and engage with creation. I will not propose that readers cancel their Netflix accounts and start canning beans, but I do encourage a deep examination of scripture, to learn how it is God intends for humans to keep his creation. I will make the case that when humans behave as earth keepers, rather than earth consumers, we please God, heal creation, and enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. Keeping the earth is how we put into action our new creation status in Christ, and in this way, we give ourselves and others a taste of the new earth.